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How to Get Started With Kidazzler

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US and Canada now but other counties coming soon. 

Please send me a friend request on Facebook so that I can add you to a couple of Kidazzler groups and so that we can message each other. 

Please be patient with this process. It takes a while for the businesses to be contacted. You will get paid if the business pays. Kidazzler shares the profits with you. 

1. Click link above to sign up for FREE.
You may sign up with Facebook or with your email address.

2. Open your account page and click on Add Business

3. Check out this category list to help you search.
Category List 

4. Pick a topic from the Category list

5. Open your browser and do a Google search for your topic from the Category List
For Example: Makeup Artists in (insert name of city or place). You may search anywhere in your country. 

6. First, copy and paste the phone number to the form. The business is locked to your name by the phone number. If the business is not available, you will get an Oops message. 

7. Check to see if the business is a Physical or Mobile place. Click on the appropriate box. 

8. Enter the business address, city, state and zipcode if it is a physical place. 

9. Enter the category of the business using the drop down menu. It should be the same as on the category list. 

10. Check to see if the business has a website. 
You may use a Facebook page as a website if you cannot find another site. 

11. Check to see if the business has an email address. Finding an email address will help speed up the process of contacting the business. An email is sent as soon as you submit the business info.  Many times you can find an email on their Facebook page under the About tab. 

12. Submit the business info and you are done. 

13. Repeat the steps for the next business.
You may add 100 businesses now and 5 more on the 15th of each month. 

14. If you find that most of the businesses are locked, change the category, city or state of the business. 

15. If you want to earn even more, try inviting friends to join you. Click on the Invite friends button and it will give you options to use. 

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